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There's more to Siargao than Surfing

Known as the surfing capital of the Philippines, Siargao is no doubt a paradise for water adventurers — local and foreign tourists alike.

Surfers and surfing enthusiasts come to this island to take on its strong and powerful waves like Davids challenging Goliaths.

But that’s not all there is to it. Siargao isn’t just about gigantic waves and surf boards.

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Things To Do in Siargao

Recommended Siargao Accommodations

Like the other top tourist destinations in the Philippines, Siargao also sits on a wealth of natural resources that the majority haven’t heard of yet. Resources that enrich the human experience and make us appreciate what was given to us.

At SiargaoIslandHopping.com, we help you get to these places so you can experience what we talk about, too.

We offer hassle-free island hopping packages, reliable payment methods, and Siargao’s own touch of hospitality to our customer service.

To inquire about our island hopping packages, kindly fill out the form on this page, click on the Facebook logo, or hit the call button on top of this page to initiate a conversation.

What Our Previous Guests Were Saying

It was very fun, lalo na sa Sugba Lagoon! LOL

siargao tour package for @clarissecrespo


We had a great time! Our boatman was also perfect. Super kind and accommodating. Thanks again! 🙂

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Hello, thank you for such a good tour. Siargao is such a lovely place that we will be visiting once again soon, and will surely get back to you.

siargao tour package for selay


We had a great time and Yoko took photos of us! 🙂

siargao tour package for steph arroyo


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