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Why Book a Siargao Joiners Tour Package

Siargao tour package for joiners

Looking to book a Siargao joiners tour package?

Well, you came to the right place. offers affordable joiners tour packages for some of Surigao Del Norte’s most popular destinations namely, Sohoton Cove, Naked Island, Guyam, Island, and Daku Island, as well as land tour packages going to Sugba Lagoon and Magpupungko. In addition, we also offer tours to Corregidor and Mam-on Island.

What is a joiners tour anyway?

Simply put, a joiner is a person who joins a group of people who are doing the same activities together. In our own case, it’s going on a tour with people from different parts of the country, sometimes even from other countries. (Yes, they’re open to trying Filipino food, beach-style, which is what we serve during the tour, by the way. :D) Families, friends, office-mates…even people who just met in the island. You’re all welcome to join.

Below are some of the benefits of getting a Siargao joiners tour package, in case you’re wondering what you’re booking! 🙂

Siargao Joiners Tour Package: The Pros

Save on travel costs.  Anything that’s exclusive or private to your group will always cost you a premium. The minimum number of guests to convert into a private tour is 8. Below that, you’ll have to shoulder the cost of the remaining number of guests. With a joiners tour, you only pay for the persons who are actually joining or present during the tour. Pooling resources with other guests who have the same schedule as yours is a great leverage to reduce your travel costs.

You save energy planning for destinations. Your visit to Siargao is supposed to be a vacation, not a job or a list of tasks to be checked out.  Chill. Enjoy the Siargao vibe. Let us worry about the food, the transportation, and the whole tour thing while you enjoy the beach, the food, and the whole experience.

Of course, for those who really want to follow their own itinerary, we can create custom Siargao tour packages at reasonable rates.

You get to meet (and be friends for real) with fellow travelers. The point of traveling is adventure. And adventure is not just about the mountains you climb, the oceans or continents you cross, or the strange food you eat. It’s also about breaking inner barriers, a sort of inertia that you usually encounter in a familiar territory. For example: making new friends. Sometimes it’s easier to make new friends when you’re traveling than when you’re all confined in a closed space such as an office. New friendships can be instantly forged during adventure and sometimes it can last. Backpackers, for example, are no strangers to meeting new friends.

Siargao Joiners Tour Package: The Cons

Admittedly, a Siargao joiners tour isn’t for everyone and we would normally discourage people to join if sitting with strangers on the boat or sharing lunch is an issue for them. Not everyone is comfortable with that situation, and to some it could be a reason why they won’t enjoy the tour.

Likewise, a joiners tour is already pre-arranged with fixed destinations, so you won’t be able to explore other tourist spots you might have planned to visit. If your own itinerary is important to your group, we would not recommend getting a Siargao joiners tour package.

We all respect that so instead of joining, we would recommend getting a custom or private tour package that is exclusive only to your group.

Whatever Siargao tour package you’re booking, we hope you enjoy it.

Till next post! 🙂

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