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Siargao Island Hopping Tour Advisory in Light of COVID-19 Situation


It’s business as usual at and we’re still accepting bookings for our Siargao Tour Packages especially for areas not affected by the travel ban in Metro Manila. There are, however, some measures we will be proactively taking to contribute to the national efforts to avoid the spread of the virus.

  • We highly discourage boodle fight lunch setup for our joiners guests. We will ask for everyone’s consent, and if a single guest does not approve, then we will have the plated setup instead.
  • For those who are showing symptoms of corona virus, we encourage you to just cancel your tour and Siargao Island Hopping will provide full refund. Please see your doctor and cooperate in their contact-tracing efforts.
  • Sanitize, sanitize, sanitize. We can’t stress this enough in these trying times. Always have your little bottle of alcohol and also wash your hands upon entering your hotel / hostel room after your tour.
  • We encourage online transactions to reduce social contact. Siargao Island Hopping provides a 100% online tour booking system including payment methods. For inquiries, we also encourage you to use our FB Messenger which is found at the bottom right section of our website.

Stay safe and healthy, everyone!

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You Can Now Pay Your Siargao Island Tour Package at 7/11

At Siargao Island Hopping, your convenience is our priority that is why, we have added another way for our guests to pay their chosen Siargao tour package at 7/11 stores nationwide.

If you don’t have a credit card or a local bank account, you can just go to the nearest 7/11 store — most probably, there is a branch within 1km radius from your position. Well, may be not exactly 1km but we’d bet there is one near you.

So how does it work ?

The option at the moment can only be accessed if you message us directly on our Facebook Messenger account.

  1. If you have already chosen a tour package, we give you a quote and you simply confirm if you want to book it. Otherwise, you can check out our list of packages below.
  2. We will then send you a barcode via email or FB messenger. The barcode will expire within 48 hours. If expired, you need to request for a new code.
  3. Show the barcode to the nearest 7/11 store and have it scanned.
  4. Pay the exact amount. No extra charge because we will shoulder the transaction fees.

That’s basically it. Below is a screenshot of how the barcode looks. Our payment partner is Bux, and that’s what an actual code will look like.

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Announcement: Update on Tour Rates

Crystal clear waters of Siargao during our island hopping

Beginning August 1, new tour rates will apply to our island hopping activities such as Sohoton Private and Joiners tour and Tri-Island Tour in response to local government’s new ordinance standardizing bangka rates and regulating their use in General Luna.

The effect is an increase in our operational costs because we can no longer use our own boats, as well as enjoy the much lower rates from our valued partners.

All boats now have to line up and wait for guests from tour operators. Guests, on the other hand, can no longer choose which boat they like to use.

However, rest assured that despite these regulations and challenges in operations, we will remain true to our values of providing excellent and fun tour service that we have provided our guests since day one.

We will update you of any change in the ordinance.

Salamat Karajaw!

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Island Hopping in Siargao: Sample Itinerary and Inclusions

Island hopping is probably the number one thing everyone would want to do or experience when they set foot in Siargao island.

When guests would ask what island hopping packages are available, our top of mind response is always “tri-island” hopping.

Alright, we have gone a little lazy about naming the islands, but hey it’s convenient and quick. 😀

Okay, basically, tri-island hopping is just our shortcut for Naked Island, Daku Island, and Guyam Island tour in one day. Tree islands, hence, tri-island.

These three islands are strategically close to each other and easiest to access, near General Luna which is our jumping point, and generally the most convenient — or shall we say, “chill” of all our destinations.

Unlike other tour operators, our Siargao Island Hopping is only available as a private tour, which gives our guests a more relaxed day. Why?

Well, for one, you have your boat and cottage all to yourselves. That means you don’t have to always wait for others who don’t necessarily have the same agenda as you. They might take more time swimming, or taking photos in the farther part of the island, which means you’d have to wait for them before you can leave. Of course, our tour guide will remind everyone to be on time.

Second — and we believe this is of primary importance for some guests — is that you don’t need to interact with strangers or feel the pressure to make friends with anyone. If is, after all, exclusive to your group.

Is private island hopping more expensive?

A little bit, yes, but it is worth the convenience. With a private tour, we will follow your preferred schedule. It’s really up to you when to start or end the tour, as long as we don’t end at night time, we’re good.

What are the inclusions for your island hopping?

For easier reference, we’ll just put it in a list below.

  • Pickup from hotel within General Luna
  • Boat / boatman who will be the guide as well
  • Lunch and drinks
  • Cottage
  • Cooking fees
  • Entrance fees and docking fees

Basically, we’ll take care of all your needs. You can even upgrade your food if you want additional seafood such as crabs or shrimp. Just let us know beforehand. 🙂

Ready to book an island hopping in Siargao? Visit this page to lock in your dates.

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Siargao 4D3N Package with Joiners Tour

4D3N Siargao tour package is what a lot of our guests inquire about, so we are quite glad to announce that we can now offer the package here at

What are the inclusions? You might ask. Read on to know more.


For the accommodation, we offer a homestay at Purok 1 in General Luna, Siargao. It’s roughly 5 minutes away from the market, which is the jump off point of our private and joiner tours.

  • Stay is good for 4 days and 3 nights.
  • Check-in time is 2PM and checkout is 12noon.
4D3N siargao tour package

Day 1 Tour: Sohoton+Tri-Island Bundle

Join our daily scheduled tour to the famous Sohoton Cove (Bucas Grande), and cap off your adventure-filled day with island hopping at the Naked Island, Daku Island, and Guyam Island.

Tour Inclusions:

  • Hotel pickup within General Luna area between 6 to 7 am
  • Boat and tour guide
  • Entrance fees and environmental permits
  • Paddle boat going to the stingless jellyfish sanctuary
  • Magkuku-ob Cave
  • Hagukan Cove
  • Freshly cooked lunch (pork, chicken, fish/squid, shrimp, vegetables, soda and water)
  • Entrance fees for tri-island tour

Day 2 Tour: Sugba Lagoon-Magpupungko with Side trips to Maasin River, Pacifico and Malinao

Your adventure in Siargao continues as we explore Sugba Lagoon, Magpupungko Tidal Pools, and side trips to other destinations on the second day of your tour.

Tour Inclusions:

  • Airport transfers
  • Hotel pickup and drop off
  • Van transportation going to Del Carmen port
  • Boat going to Sugba Lagoon
  • Cottage fee
  • Lunch and drinks
  • Entrance fees and permits in all destinations

Got questions? Chat with us on our Facebook Page. 🙂

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Please Enjoy This Siargao Tour Video from Our Guest

This time, we let the video speak for the beauty and vibe of Siargao. Enjoy!

Need a quick look of what Siargao is like? Watch this 3-minute video created by our guest, @mikapaddy, during her stay in Siargao. 🙂

You can follow her on Instagram, too.

And of course, should you need a Siargao Tour Package, feel free to reach us on e-mail, FB messenger, or SMS.

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Magpupungko Tour Advisory 2019

magpupungko rock pools

For anyone who is looking to book a Sugba Lagoon-Magpupungko tour between February 15-March 15, 2019, we regret to inform you that Magpupungko will be closed on these dates for renovation.

The dates could be adjusted depending on the progress of the renovation, but for now, this is the timeline given by the authorities.

We apologize for the inconvenience as this was only made official early this month.

In lieu of Magpupungko, we will be offering the land tours instead, namely:

  1. Sugba Lagoon
  2. Tayangban Cave
  3. Malinao Beach
  4. Pacifico Beach
  5. Coconut Plantation

Transportation will still be on a van with pickup service from your hotel or homestay.

All the other inclusions will still be the same, namely:

  • Van transportation
  • Boat to Sugba Lagoon
  • Lunch
  • Entrance fees
  • Tour guide

Price per pax is Php 1800.

You may book directly through our online booking system.

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Why Book a Siargao Joiners Tour Package

Siargao tour package for joiners

Looking to book a Siargao joiners tour package?

Well, you came to the right place. offers affordable joiners tour packages for some of Surigao Del Norte’s most popular destinations namely, Sohoton Cove, Naked Island, Guyam, Island, and Daku Island, as well as land tour packages going to Sugba Lagoon and Magpupungko. In addition, we also offer tours to Corregidor and Mam-on Island.

What is a joiners tour anyway?

Simply put, a joiner is a person who joins a group of people who are doing the same activities together. In our own case, it’s going on a tour with people from different parts of the country, sometimes even from other countries. (Yes, they’re open to trying Filipino food, beach-style, which is what we serve during the tour, by the way. :D) Families, friends, office-mates…even people who just met in the island. You’re all welcome to join.

Below are some of the benefits of getting a Siargao joiners tour package, in case you’re wondering what you’re booking! 🙂

Siargao Joiners Tour Package: The Pros

Save on travel costs.  Anything that’s exclusive or private to your group will always cost you a premium. The minimum number of guests to convert into a private tour is 8. Below that, you’ll have to shoulder the cost of the remaining number of guests. With a joiners tour, you only pay for the persons who are actually joining or present during the tour. Pooling resources with other guests who have the same schedule as yours is a great leverage to reduce your travel costs.

You save energy planning for destinations. Your visit to Siargao is supposed to be a vacation, not a job or a list of tasks to be checked out.  Chill. Enjoy the Siargao vibe. Let us worry about the food, the transportation, and the whole tour thing while you enjoy the beach, the food, and the whole experience.

Of course, for those who really want to follow their own itinerary, we can create custom Siargao tour packages at reasonable rates.

You get to meet (and be friends for real) with fellow travelers. The point of traveling is adventure. And adventure is not just about the mountains you climb, the oceans or continents you cross, or the strange food you eat. It’s also about breaking inner barriers, a sort of inertia that you usually encounter in a familiar territory. For example: making new friends. Sometimes it’s easier to make new friends when you’re traveling than when you’re all confined in a closed space such as an office. New friendships can be instantly forged during adventure and sometimes it can last. Backpackers, for example, are no strangers to meeting new friends.

Siargao Joiners Tour Package: The Cons

Admittedly, a Siargao joiners tour isn’t for everyone and we would normally discourage people to join if sitting with strangers on the boat or sharing lunch is an issue for them. Not everyone is comfortable with that situation, and to some it could be a reason why they won’t enjoy the tour.

Likewise, a joiners tour is already pre-arranged with fixed destinations, so you won’t be able to explore other tourist spots you might have planned to visit. If your own itinerary is important to your group, we would not recommend getting a Siargao joiners tour package.

We all respect that so instead of joining, we would recommend getting a custom or private tour package that is exclusive only to your group.

Whatever Siargao tour package you’re booking, we hope you enjoy it.

Till next post! 🙂

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Travelling to Siargao: When is the Best Time to Travel to Siargao?

a beautiful July weather in Siargao

Thinking of travelling to Siargao? Well, it might help to know when the best time of the year to do so, especially if you are looking to avail of our Siargao Joiners Tour Package.

Climate in Siargao may not be the coldest in the country but it has one of the longest and most pronounced maximum rainfall period, which usually starts from November to December, and could further extend to February. However, rains could even start to become frequent in October such as last year (2018).

And it’s not just rains. Typhoons start coming in, too.

This month, January 2019, we really had lots of cancellations on our Siargao Tour Packages, especially Sohoton+Tri-Island tour. (Our refund policy, however, ensures that guests get refunded 100% if their tour is cancelled due to weather.)

Quite understandably, Sohoton is far from our drop off point, about 2 hours boat ride from General Luna. Siargao’s Coast Guard has to ensure that no boats are allowed to go when the weather is bad, because we’ll be in the open ocean for 2 hours.

Big waves and strong current will not be safe for travelers at all.

Of course, some of us avail of airline promos and oftentimes, those promotions are targeted towards the slow months of the airline, too. When the weather forecast is bad, the airlines also have to cancel their flights. That would cause a lot of stress on your part as well because all your other planned schedules now have to move. Even your filed vacation leave now needs to be adjusted.

The best months to visit Siargao is between March to September. Of course, there could be rains as well but it’s not as frequent as between November to January. These were the months when we had the fewest tour package cancellations due to bad bad weather.

September is also the month of annual surfing competition and the waves are quite beautiful, even at Jacking Horse which is the surfing area for beginners.

So next time you see an online ad or promo for a Siargao tour, you might wanna check if it falls during the wet months.

You’re welcome! 😀