Do you have any Siargao Tour Package with Airfare?

No, we do not have a Siargao Tour Package with airfare at the moment. We are planning to launch it soon once we secure the ticketing platform, which will allow us to get better airfare deals for our guests.

Do you also offer joiners for Tri-Island tour?

No, we do not. Currently, we only offer private or exclusive tours for Tri-Island. As the price per pax for a boat-only tour is just the same as the joiners tour, we would recommend just getting a private tour or getting an all-in package if you wish to avoid hassle.

How many hours are the tours usually?

Usually, it will take one full day, with the exemption of private Tri-Island tour. As it is a private tour, guests have control over their own time, so they can choose to finish it earlier if they wish to.

Can I combine tour packages?

Unfortunately, no. That is because the packages are pre-arranged in a way that is most cost-efficient for everyone. For example, we won’t allow Sugba Lagoon and Sohoton tour as these islands are quite far from each other and use up a lot of time in travelling instead of enjoying the actual tour.

Can I book a bangka only?

Yes, you can. However, we currently offer this only for Tri-Island and Sohoton tours. This is ideal for DIY guests.

Kindly check out our “Book a Bangka” page to reserve your bangka.

How much are your tour packages?

It really depends. For groups that are less than 6, we would recommend getting a joiners tour instead of a private tour as it’s cheaper. Nonetheless, we can still arrange a private tour if you really want it.

The packages below can also be found on our Siargao Tour Packages page.

Private, all-inclusive Tri-Island Tour – Starts at Php3,200 for 2 pax. Above 2 pax, the cost is only Php 1,200 per person.

Sugba Lagoon to Magpupungko (joiners) – Php1,800 per pax

Sohoton + Tri-Island Tour (joiners) – Php1,850 per pax.

If you go for a DIY tour and just want to get our transportation, you can get your estimate costs by using our tour calculators below.

Tri-Island Tour

Sugba Lagoon – Magpupungko

Sugba Lagoon – Magpupungko with Habal-Habal Service

Sohoton + Tri-Island Tour

Sohoton Only