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Island Hopping in Siargao: Sample Itinerary and Inclusions

Island hopping is probably the number one thing everyone would want to do or experience when they set foot in Siargao island.

When guests would ask what island hopping packages are available, our top of mind response is always “tri-island” hopping.

Alright, we have gone a little lazy about naming the islands, but hey it’s convenient and quick. 😀

Okay, basically, tri-island hopping is just our shortcut for Naked Island, Daku Island, and Guyam Island tour in one day. Tree islands, hence, tri-island.

These three islands are strategically close to each other and easiest to access, near General Luna which is our jumping point, and generally the most convenient — or shall we say, “chill” of all our destinations.

Unlike other tour operators, our Siargao Island Hopping is only available as a private tour, which gives our guests a more relaxed day. Why?

Well, for one, you have your boat and cottage all to yourselves. That means you don’t have to always wait for others who don’t necessarily have the same agenda as you. They might take more time swimming, or taking photos in the farther part of the island, which means you’d have to wait for them before you can leave. Of course, our tour guide will remind everyone to be on time.

Second — and we believe this is of primary importance for some guests — is that you don’t need to interact with strangers or feel the pressure to make friends with anyone. If is, after all, exclusive to your group.

Is private island hopping more expensive?

A little bit, yes, but it is worth the convenience. With a private tour, we will follow your preferred schedule. It’s really up to you when to start or end the tour, as long as we don’t end at night time, we’re good.

What are the inclusions for your island hopping?

For easier reference, we’ll just put it in a list below.

  • Pickup from hotel within General Luna
  • Boat / boatman who will be the guide as well
  • Lunch and drinks
  • Cottage
  • Cooking fees
  • Entrance fees and docking fees

Basically, we’ll take care of all your needs. You can even upgrade your food if you want additional seafood such as crabs or shrimp. Just let us know beforehand. 🙂

Ready to book an island hopping in Siargao? Visit this page to lock in your dates.

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