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Be a Responsible Siargao Tourist

Help keep Siargao island clean. Be a responsible tourist.

Traveling is all fun and games until we realize that we have already destroyed the place we once used to enjoy.

That’s exactly what happened to a popular Philippine destination that was recently shut down by the government due to environmental concerns.

And who knows what’s next if we don’t take care of our own natural resources.

We don’t want the same fate to happen to Siargao.

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As much as we want to bring tourists to this lovely place, we also want to care for this paradise so that our future generation can also enjoy it.

So that the people in Siargao, many of whom depend on the place we call home, will also have a sustainable livelihood and a place that will stay clean and healthy for as long as everyone — Siargao natives and tourists alike — will care for it.

That’s why we encourage our guests visiting Siargao embrace the place like their own, and not just be a tourist who comes and goes — and leaves trash behind.

The Basics

Please don’t throw your trash anywhere

Trash is now becoming a problem in Siargao. Truth be told, behind the pristine beauty we see in Instagram posts, there is a whole field of garbage coming from establishments and individual tourists alike. Nobody would post that, of course.

The problem is that Siargao government doesn’t have a proper waste management program yet.

We are entering a phase of development brought by the influx of tourists, and we have yet to cope with this surge of growth.

We hope it is not too much to ask.

Pick up trash when you see it

Genuinely embracing Siargao like your own might need you to take it up a notch above simply properly disposing your trash.

If they see pieces of trash on the beach, the people of Siargao, especially bangkeros and surfers, would pick them up and won’t let them float around just like that. After all, they spend a lot of time in the water…the last thing they want is to swim or surf in trash.

There is also a local initiative for beach clean up led by Grom Nation. You may contact them on their website for the next schedule of their beach clean up.

At, we make it a part of our mission to instill in our guests that kind of care for the place they enjoy.

Best Practices

Bring your own tumblers

Let’s not add to the growing field of plastic garbage in Siargao.

As tourists, you can help a lot by simply bringing your own tumbler rather than buying bottled water each time you run out of water.

Besides, it’s not just environment-friendly…it’s also more economical.

Have a tote bag for island hopping

Most people use plastic bags to carry food such as chips, which are also stored in plastic.

Problem is plastic bags often get left behind when there’s no more food to bring back to where they stay.

Instead of plastic bags, get a tote bag for all that stuff you need to carry to your island tour.

Straw is unnecessary

Straw is great when you need to drink during a bumpy ride.

But that’s hardly the case when you’re dining in a restaurant, or carinderia.

You can drink it from a glass. The waiter doesn’t need to put straw in your drink.