Sohoton, Bucas Grande & Tri-Island Bundle

Want to explore Siargao but don’t have much time? This tour route might be right for you.

This tour package is bundled for those who want to see Sohoton Cove and Bucas Grande, but also want to make a quick stop at Naked Island, Daku Island, and Guyam Island.

All in one day.

Read on to learn why you should take this tour.

Bucas Grande

Bucas Grande is quite a tranquil place. If you have been to the lagoons in Coron, you might say the place feels familiar. It is surrounded with tiny islands covered in greeneries — even wild plants exist! — and crystal clear water right at their feet.

It’s quiet because motorboats are not allowed and you have to take a paddle boat going to the Jellyfish Sanctuary.

But don’t worry, you don’t have to paddle it yourself. A boatman who also acts as tour guide will do it as part of the packaged tour. By the way, there’s a shallow part going to the entrance of the sanctuary and you can literally get off the boat and take a quick dip.

As your boat sails forward, more and more of this island’s beauty unfolds in front of you.

sohoton bucas grande tri island tour

Quick tip: Sit on the boat facing forward to the headboard to take better photos!

Sohoton Cove

Unlike Bucas Grande which is about peace and quiet, Sohoton Cove is bit more about of an adventure.

“Sohoton” may sound like a foreign word but it actually comes from the island’s dialect: “sohoton” or “suot”, in English, means you have to squeeze yourself in.

First, your motor boat has to pass through the mouth of a cave that’s about 30 meters long. The cave’s ceiling is low and it’s not passable when the tide is high.

Hagukan Cave

Upon exit, you’ll stop at Hagukan Cave where you’ll get to see “magical water” that turn electric blue when you splash it. The chamber has a beautiful natural lighting that comes from the underwater opening of the cave.

Getting to the cave is tricky, though. You’ll have to swim and hold your breath underwater for 10 seconds to avoid hitting on a rock. If you’re not a swimmer, the qualified tour guides will assist each one of you by literally taking you to the cave while you’re holding your breath for 10 seconds. Just follow their instructions and you will do fine. (Note that people with heart problems or claustrophobia are not allowed to get in the cave).

Tri-Island Tour

Soon as you are done exploring Bucas Grande and Sohoton, you can break for lunch before making your trip back to Siargao with stops at Naked Island, Daku Island, and Guyam Island.

Bucas Grande and Sohoton are part of the municipality of Socorro, which is 2 hours away from General Luna. See the map below to appreciate.

For a separate post on our Tri-Island tour, please visit this page.

Tour Packages

Package 1: Joiners Tour to Sohoton, Bucas Grande, Plus 3 Islands (Naked, Daku, Guyam) at Php 2,099 per Guest

  • Boat and tour guide
  • Lunch
  • Drinks
  • Cottage
  • Environmental permits
  • Entrance fees
  • Docking fees
  • Stops: Bucas Grande, Sohoton Cove, Jelly Fish Sanctuary, Hagokan Cove, Cliff Diving, Sightseeing Club Tarra, Naked Island, Daku, Island, Guyam Island

Package 2: Private Tour to Sohoton, Bucas Grande, Plus 3 Islands (Naked, Daku, Guyam) at Php 2,099 per Guest

  • Guests that have a minimum of 8 pax automatically get a private tour.
  • All inclusions are the same as the joiners tour
  • Basically, we will take care of everything. You don't have to spend for anything else on the tour.
Disclaimer: Joiners tour can be cancelled when we fail to meet the minimum required pax, for example, when other joiners need to cancel their reservation due to cancelled flights. If we can't prevent these from happening, we provide a full refund of whatever amount you had paid. Minimum of 8 pax for joiners and maximum of 30-50 for our bigger boats.

Ready for Sohoton & Tri-Island Tour?

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