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A Couple of Things You Can Learn While in Siargao

things you can learn in Siargao

People come to Siargao not just for vacation but also to experience what the island has to offer: beautiful islets, wonderful waters, and adventure among others. Others simply to tick it off from their bucket list.

Those are the primary motivations but for some people, Siargao made them realize more than just that. Proof? A lot of city dwellers have moved to the island for good.

We think Siargao is more than just a vacation place. Below are some things vacationers might have realized on their sojourn.

You Can Slow Things Down

When asked how they would describe Siargao, most would normally say “surfing”. That’s what the island became known for in the first place. Others, however, primarily feel its chill vibe is its defining characteristic.

They come to Siargao to chill out and forget about life in the busy city. Here, you can can sit and watch the sunset or people surfing with the sunrise in the background, without any expectation on how the day would end.

Here you can find some restaurants with signs that say “If you’re in a hurry, please eat somewhere else” or something to that effect. More or less, it just means “don’t rush things.” Chill. 

That may sound a bit off or rude to a city dweller who is often in a rush — to catch the train or bus, or be on time in the office — but it just make sense if you try to adapt to the life on the island.

You can’t force locals your ways, and if you can’t, you are forced to let go of control. You learn to throw worries and anxieties out of the window, and begin to learn to savor and appreciate every moment you are on the island.

Letting Go of Expectations

Expectations are happiness killers. When you expect things and they don’t go your way, you get frustrated.

Siargao promises nothing, except its beautiful waters and warm people.

Prevalently, it’s a backpackers’ place where you can’t always expect 5-star hotel accommodations or high-end resorts. If you can find them and you’re willing to pay, then good for you.

A lot of the accommodations you’ll find, however, are hostels and nipa-styled shared spaces without air-conditioning units but visitors find them good enough. They don’t pay the cost of a 5-star accommodation, in any case.

You Can Live in the Moment

Just like any other vacation place, you cannot enjoy Siargao if you are always looking forward to the next thing that you are going to do. If you are always attending to whatever is preoccupying your mind.

When you are in a place but are just busy looking at your phone, you are not really there. If you seem to be watching the ocean but is actually thinking of something else, you are not really there.

You are virtually somewhere. You are physically present but mentally absent. You are not in the moment.

Those fleeting yet beautiful moments just passed by without you noticing them.

Tip: During tours, have your camera or phone with you but put it away after, and enjoy the rest of the moment.

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Siargao Tour Packages: Book Your Tour Now Using Credit Card

pay your siargao tour package with credit card


Siargao Tour Packages can now be booked directly on our website using credit cards.

We have integrated PayPal’s checkout function to be able to process your credit card payment securely. Speaking of security, please note that our website, as you can see, on left side of the address bar, is also secure. You don’t have to worry about sending your contact information to us.

We have made this payment functionality available to be able to make the booking process even faster than before.

How to Quickly Book a Tour

1. So…to book your chosen Siargao Tour Package, simply visit this page and pick any of the available tours. You will see the packages presented in the following format.

siargao tour packages
Choose a Siargao Tour Package

2. Read the tour packages’ inclusions which are indicated with check marks.

3. Please take note of the costs:

We charge an extra 2% convenience fee on top of the total cost for credit card transactions. 

4. Once you’ve picked a tour package, click on the dropdown box below the section for inclusions to adjust the number of guests who will be joining our tour. The price is indicated as well inside that dropdown box.

5. Upon clicking, you will be directed to a PayPal checkout page. Don’t worry, you don’t need PayPal account to complete this step.

6. Review your tour. If not satisfied, simply click on Remove and go back to the Siargao Tour Packages page to select a new tour.

7. Once you’re happy with your selected packages, click on the gray “Check Out” button at the bottom right of the page.

After that, you will then be redirected to a page where you will input your credit card details. 

Review your details and click on “Pay Now” at the bottom of the page.

That’s it, basically. 

Please note, however, that you will need to let us know when you will be availing your Siargao Tour Package via email or SMS. 

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Be a Responsible Siargao Tourist

Help keep Siargao island clean. Be a responsible tourist.

Traveling is all fun and games until we realize that we have already destroyed the place we once used to enjoy.

That’s exactly what happened to a popular Philippine destination that was recently shut down by the government due to environmental concerns.

And who knows what’s next if we don’t take care of our own natural resources.

We don’t want the same fate to happen to Siargao.

garbage problem in siargao
Photo from

As much as we want to bring tourists to this lovely place, we also want to care for this paradise so that our future generation can also enjoy it.

So that the people in Siargao, many of whom depend on the place we call home, will also have a sustainable livelihood and a place that will stay clean and healthy for as long as everyone — Siargao natives and tourists alike — will care for it.

That’s why we encourage our guests visiting Siargao embrace the place like their own, and not just be a tourist who comes and goes — and leaves trash behind.

The Basics

Please don’t throw your trash anywhere

Trash is now becoming a problem in Siargao. Truth be told, behind the pristine beauty we see in Instagram posts, there is a whole field of garbage coming from establishments and individual tourists alike. Nobody would post that, of course.

The problem is that Siargao government doesn’t have a proper waste management program yet.

We are entering a phase of development brought by the influx of tourists, and we have yet to cope with this surge of growth.

We hope it is not too much to ask.

Pick up trash when you see it

Genuinely embracing Siargao like your own might need you to take it up a notch above simply properly disposing your trash.

If they see pieces of trash on the beach, the people of Siargao, especially bangkeros and surfers, would pick them up and won’t let them float around just like that. After all, they spend a lot of time in the water…the last thing they want is to swim or surf in trash.

There is also a local initiative for beach clean up led by Grom Nation. You may contact them on their website for the next schedule of their beach clean up.

At, we make it a part of our mission to instill in our guests that kind of care for the place they enjoy.

Best Practices

Bring your own tumblers

Let’s not add to the growing field of plastic garbage in Siargao.

As tourists, you can help a lot by simply bringing your own tumbler rather than buying bottled water each time you run out of water.

Besides, it’s not just environment-friendly…it’s also more economical.

Have a tote bag for island hopping

Most people use plastic bags to carry food such as chips, which are also stored in plastic.

Problem is plastic bags often get left behind when there’s no more food to bring back to where they stay.

Instead of plastic bags, get a tote bag for all that stuff you need to carry to your island tour.

Straw is unnecessary

Straw is great when you need to drink during a bumpy ride.

But that’s hardly the case when you’re dining in a restaurant, or carinderia.

You can drink it from a glass. The waiter doesn’t need to put straw in your drink.