Things To Do in Siargao

Once relatively unknown, Siargao is now fast becoming one of the popular destinations in the Philippines. It’s massive waves, white sand beaches, and most important, it’s chill vibe are drawing people to this place.

It’s still relatively less easier to access compared to Palawan, Cebu, Bohol, or Boracay, and it’s not quite the usual choice as plane tickets are a bit pricier. Nonetheless, the curious one are starting to set food in the island and have already planned their return.

The ones that fell in love with Siargao? They left their heart and came back for it…for good.

For those who are about to satisfy their curiosity about Siargao, here is a list of some of the things that you can do in the island.

Chill out in Cloud 9, Siargao.
View of Cloud 9, Siargao at 6 pm (July 2018)

Learn to Surf

Your visit to Siargao isn’t complete without this on the list. Don’t take it too seriously, either. Surf is play, and we all bet 99% of Siargao visitors do not go there to be a master surfer. One day or one week is never enough to become it.  We are here for the fun and play.

So, take the trike or walk to Cloud 9 and ask around for instructors. Actually, just go to Cloud 9 and the local surfers would ask you if you are looking to learn how to surf.

A one-hour lesson usually costs Php500 ($10). That already includes the fee for renting a surf board and some would give a money-back guarantee if you are not able to stand up on a surf board.


Island Hopping

Surfing is not everyone’s game. Fortunately, there is more to Siargao than surfing. The island actually has several mini islands that you can visit, enjoy, and feast your eyes on. We offer 3 tours among many others: Tri-island tour, Sugba Lagoon-Magpupungko, and Magpupungko-Tayangban-Pacifico-Taktak Falls.

Tri-island tour (obviously) has 3 stops: Naked Island, Daku Island, and Guyam Island.  Just because it’s called “naked” island doesn’t mean you can get naked there. It’s called naked simply because it has no vegetation and it’s totally bald and bare.

Daku, on the other hand, means “big” in local dialect and that’s what Daku island is. It’s actually inhabited and it’s where our tri-island tour stops for lunch.

Guyam island is most popular for it’s beautiful view of the sunset so it’s usually the last stop before heading back to the port.

Sugba Lagoon and Magpupungko are quite incomparable, like two “beauts” in two different contests. Both have majestic waters, but have different allure and totally different experience. We leave this to your imagination and let the actual experience speak for themselves.


Unknown to many, Siargao actually has its own share of diving spots like other islands in the Philippines. There are dive shops where you can rent gear and get in touch with other divers, too.

Bike Around

Take a break from stepping on the gas pedal and actually pedal your way to somewhere. Unlike the city, Siargao’s streets aren’t jammed with cars and it is generally safe for tourists.

You can bike around and take in the fresh air. And because the local life is quite relaxed, the hours feel longer and the day feels slower. You don’t feel hurried at all — no need to speedboat from point a to b.

Bike rentals cost around Php150 per day. If you return the bike at night, the shop owners wouldn’t mind at all. Just park it where you got it.

Eat. Eat. Eat.

Ah. Everyone’s favorite. Luckily, Siargao is a melting pot of people from different backgrounds and nationalities who have brought their own culture’s flavors to the place. It’s not uncommon to see foreigners and Pinoys from the cities who have set up their own food shops. And of course, Siargao has its own local favorites such as grill shops that are go-to places after tourists come back from surfing or island hopping.

Some of our own favorites are Kermit, Bravo, Mama’s Grill, Shaka, Kalinaw and Harana.

Go, go, go — check them out!


If you’re into souvenirs or local items that connect you back to your experience in Siargao, then you should visit their souvenir shops such as Gwapitos, Fat Lips, or Gasa among many others.

Usual prices range from Php100-Php800 or higher. Just pick one good item that you really like to avoid clutter when you go back home.

Save most of you money for the actual experience in Siargao.

Chill Out

You’re in Siargao. You’re trapped in a beautiful island with beautiful beaches, good food, and nice people. What do you do?

Forget social media. Go somewhere even if you just have to sit and watch people surf.

Go to a beach side restaurant. Eat or drink while basking in the sun or taking in the fresh ocean breeze.

The point is to chill out.


Be in the moment.

The next one’s not gonna be the same.