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You Can Now Pay Your Siargao Island Tour Package at 7/11

At Siargao Island Hopping, your convenience is our priority that is why, we have added another way for our guests to pay their chosen Siargao tour package at 7/11 stores nationwide.

If you don’t have a credit card or a local bank account, you can just go to the nearest 7/11 store — most probably, there is a branch within 1km radius from your position. Well, may be not exactly 1km but we’d bet there is one near you.

So how does it work ?

The option at the moment can only be accessed if you message us directly on our Facebook Messenger account.

  1. If you have already chosen a tour package, we give you a quote and you simply confirm if you want to book it. Otherwise, you can check out our list of packages below.
  2. We will then send you a barcode via email or FB messenger. The barcode will expire within 48 hours. If expired, you need to request for a new code.
  3. Show the barcode to the nearest 7/11 store and have it scanned.
  4. Pay the exact amount. No extra charge because we will shoulder the transaction fees.

That’s basically it. Below is a screenshot of how the barcode looks. Our payment partner is Bux, and that’s what an actual code will look like.

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